Building on your natural strengths and overcoming weaknesses

Neurofeedback for Performance Enhancement

Neurofeedback therapy can help you with overall performance enhancement.

San Diego Neurofeedback Therapy for Performance Enhancement

Perhaps you want to gain a competitive edge in your career, or perhaps you want to improve your creativity, sharpen your memory, multitask more efficiently, improve overall performance, stay more focused, and have more intentionality. You can do this by optimizing your brain’s performance.

Advantages of qEEG neurofeedback for performance enhancement

  • Assess brain activity and dysfunctional patterns
  • Treating the cause of a problem instead of treating symptoms
  • Non-pharmacological and non-invasive solution
  • Learn self-awareness over unconscious brain activity changes
  • Visualizing the mind-body interface and creating an interface to adopt a new behavior
  • Active role and participation of the client
  • Personalized training with multimedia like videos, images, and games

With brain mapping and training, along with qEEG, Thrive Neurolab will develop a comprehensive brain optimization treatment plan that is customized to meet your individual goals. Contact us today to learn more about improving your overall performance.

Read on for more information on how Thrive Neurolab can help you attain your peak performance.

Brain performance and qEEG neurofeedback

Think of your brain as your control center. It controls how you feel, act, think and relate to others and your environment. When you are at work, it is your brain that controls how you respond to crises, clients, and demanding employees. At home, it controls how you relate to your partner, children, friends, and neighbors. It controls whether you make good choices or poor ones.

A healthy brain helps you be more focused, creative, goal-oriented, and organized. You handle crises and stress better. You become a better decision-maker. When your brain experiences atypical patterns of activity, you will likely have greater difficulties with focus, memory, planning ahead, organization, and healthy relationships.

Optimizing your brain performance with neurofeedback

Optimizing your brain with qEEG and neurofeedback means building on your natural strengths and overcoming weaknesses. Therefore, you need a personalized plan. Each individual is unique.

At Thrive Neurolab, we determine your individual brain type to evaluate your brain health. We use a comprehensive approach that looks at the psychological, biological, and social factors that may hold you back in life. We want to help you reach your full potential. With qEEG, we can show you how to do this.

Improve Your Brain, Improve Your Life

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