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Neurofeedback for Epilepsy

Neurofeedback therapy can improve symptoms of epilepsy.

San Diego Neurofeedback Therapy for Epilepsy

Approximately one-third of all patients with epilepsy do not benefit from medications or medical treatment. For these patients, qEEG and neurofeedback can be a viable alternative. Neurofeedback helps to normalize and enhance EEG activity through brain mapping and brain training. This can help to reduce the frequency of seizures.

How qEEG neurofeedback can help people with epilepsy

If you are seeking neurofeedback as a solution for epilepsy, your dedication to the process will be key. You may not notice an immediate reduction in seizures after the first session. However, over time, you can reduce the frequency of seizures.

Using neurofeedback to treat epilepsy has a long history

Using neurofeedback to treat epilepsy dates back to the late 1950s. Dr. Joe Kamiya of the University of Chicago used a simple brain feedback device to teach cats to control their epileptic seizures. With that success, he applied neurofeedback to humans to help train them to control their epileptic seizures.

NASA adopted the procedure to help train astronauts to control seizures as a precautionary move. Astronauts could come into contact with seizure-inducing lunar landing fuel. In fact, neurofeedback is still in use at NASA for astronaut training.

Individuals with epilepsy have brain neurons that continually misfire. This is a key way that neurologists make a diagnosis. A seizure occurs with brain cells surrounding the misfiring cells become activated. Neurofeedback enables the brain to restrain slow-wave EEG, which is the brainwave activity related to seizure disorders. At the same time, neurofeedback reinforces mid-range frequencies related to preventing seizures.

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