Measuring how you think, feel, and function

Brain Mapping

We use qEEG to map the areas of your brain that are performing below peak performance. You have a visual reference that pinpoints issues.

Brain Mapping San Diego

Processing brain maps in real-time has many benefits. We use sophisticated, robust quantitative analysis. We pair that information with our experience to help you understand the map and your brain functioning.

We use qEEGs for an initial assessment, to create your neurofeedback training plan, and to track your progress. It involves wearing a sensor cap with electrodes to measure your brain’s electrical activity. You experience no discomfort at all. Once we identify the areas of your brain that cause less-than-peak performance, we develop the neurofeedback strategy specifically for you.

  • Identifying cognitive and psychiatric problems
  • Showing how your brain wave patterns can be improved
  • Predicting medication response, such as how you are likely to respond to antidepressant medication
  • Providing valuable information in creating a personalized treatment plan (which may include biofeedback techniques such as neurofeedback) to help balance your brain
  • Tracking your progress with different therapies and treatments
  • Providing objective information used to create your personalized neurofeedback program or other guide other therapies, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), to strengthen your brain

qEEG brain mapping assessment

During your qEEG assessment, we gather and analyze the data, process your maps and review the results with you immediately. You do not need to wait for an outside lab to process the data. We gather new qEEG data as needed through your sessions, which enables you to see your progress. It gives us the ability to keep your sessions dynamic and personalized.

Brain mapping will show you the measure of how you think, feel, and function. You have a visual to those measurements, which gives you validity and comfort that you can meet those challenging issues with confidence. You will see the progress that you make.

What is a qEEG brain map?

The qEEG brain map provides us with key data to pinpoint areas of under or over-activity in your brain waves. Then we work to retrain your brain for better brain waves. We also use them to accurately and precisely chart your progress.

When we find areas of less-than-peak activity, we can frequently predict the symptoms you experience as a result. For instance, if the area of your brain that involves attention has dysfunctional brain waves, we know that you struggle with inattention. Then we help you retrain that specific area for greater focus.

Brain measurements with qEEG

Brain mapping has been used to measure brain function for decades. Research centers all around the world use qEEGs to study issues such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, learning disabilities, and emotional dysregulation. It is a recognized diagnostic tool for many medical conditions in the U.S.

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