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We provide drug-free and non-invasive qEEG services such as neurofeedback, brain mapping and brain training to improve your well-being.

Neurofeedback Therapy San Diego

Neurofeedback is an interactive, non-invasive, and engaging approach that helps you retrain and strengthen your brain for healthier well-being. The electrical impulses that your brain generates result in brain waves. Thrive Neurofeedback tracks and analyzes your brain wave patterns. Then we help you improve areas of performance such as thought patterns, stress levels, and emotions.

When you come to Thrive Neurofeedback for brain mapping and neurofeedback therapy you get a clear vision of patterns of dysfunction that may be related to your difficulties. You actually see the basis of your struggles. Then we help you target those areas for positive, proactive change.

Brain mapping

During a brain mapping session, a headset with 19 sensors will be placed on your head. The sensors provide feedback to our computer software displaying and recording your brain’s activity by region. This process will take less than 15 minutes while you listen to relaxing sounds with both with your eyes closed and eyes open.

Brain training

You sit in a comfortable chair and watch a computer monitor that displays a television show or mental game paired with sounds you hear through your headset. This process adjusts your brainwaves as the clinician adjusts training parameters based on your conditions and goals. The headset is simply talking to your brain, it’s completely painless.


Your brain is constantly sending us immediate statistics about its performance during each brain training session. With practice, your brain adapts to these new patterns. It is like going to the gym to do training to improve muscle function. On a subconscious level, your brain begins to learn what it needs to interact with our software. It then begins to produce more of the helpful brainwave patterns and less of those correlated with the symptoms you wish to address.

Custom treatment plan

Our neuroscientist will review your brain mapping and brain training results to develop a custom treatment plan addressing your specific symptoms. Typically we request a new brain mapping and provide results after every five brain training sessions. This will allow us to make appropriate adjustments. With our neurofeedback treatment program, your brain gradually learns how to work at a more optimal level.

Thrive uses qEEG and Neurofeedback technology developed by DARPA as a proven, non-invasive method to help train your brain to improve brain function.

We provide you with a map of specific brain regions that can be improved through brain training. This brain mapping will be discussed with you by our neuro-scientist so you can better understand the potential improvements in those areas and the brain training process.

The benefits of neurofeedback therapy:

  • Increase restful sleep
  • Improve memory
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve attention and focus
  • Improve depression symptoms
  • Decrease addiction cravings
  • Improve autism symptoms
  • And many more

Covered by Medicare and some PPO health insurance plans, reasonably priced cash-based packages available as well.

Common questions asked by our patients

Why should I choose Thrive Neurofeedback over other providers?

All neurofeedback providers are not equivalent. It is not uncommon to discover people going into practice who are not licensed, or who are licensed but inadequately trained. When deciding with whom to work, be certain that the individual overseeing the training is a licensed mental health provider or physician, and has had adequate training in the field of neurofeedback. At Thrive Neurofeedback our clinicians and technicians provide a diversity of education and experience that is unmatched. Unlike most other clinics our practice is Physician Supervised.

Why do qEEG and neurofeedback work?

Your brain is adaptable. It is capable of making adjustments to improve its own performance if given cues about what to change. When the brain is regulating itself well and is alert and attentive, brainwaves show healthy patterns. We challenge the brain to maintain this “high-performance” alert and active state. Gradually, the brain learns to stay at this high-performance state for longer periods of time and to retain these new skills.

How long is a qEEG and neurofeedback session?

Typically, each session takes between 45 and 60 minutes. The actual training period lasts a maximum of 30 minutes. Additional time is needed beforehand for sensor placement and adjustment. We also speak with our clients briefly before and after each training session to monitor how things are progressing. We ensure that you have enough time so you don’t feel rushed and are able to discuss the results you are experiencing.

How many sessions will I need?

Results from qEEG and neurofeedback training are seen gradually. Typically, progress can be seen within 15 sessions for most conditions. A standard treatment plan consists of between 20 and 60 sessions depending upon the conditions being addressed. However, you are unique! Your progress will depend on your specific circumstances.

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